Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
April - avril - aprile 2021: Bryce Thompson


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sabato 13 febbraio 2021

Happy Birthday Steven Edward Dehler

Happy Birthday

Steven Edward Dehler 

American model, actor, and dancer

born on February 13, 1987

Simi Valley, California

his wiki bio here

his facebook

his twitter

his instagram

👇 below three nice videos 👇

👇 also as a pianist 👇

13 commenti:

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE Steven of my all time favorites. That man has the hottest ass I've seen around. And reeks of sex appeal. I don't think he take a bad picture. Now send him to me....I want to blow out his birthday candle for him.....

  2. Guau!!!! Yo le haría una fiesta privada jajajajaja

  3. Un beau mec, indiscutablement.
    Et un bon travail de recherches, en ce qui te concerne.

  4. Muchas felicidades guapote.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  5. X, How is it going there in Naples with the virus? Are they giving vaccines? I remember you in Milan were hit hard, early on with the virus.
    And,...does Dehler have a twin? I don't to fight with Maddie.

    1. @Jimmi: The vaccination campaign has begun in Italy. I don't know anything in particular about Naples. You remember well: I live in Milan.

  6. Whoa.
    Well, Happy Bday to him and to whomever is enjoying such a deliciousness!



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