Every month a man - chaque moi un homme

Every month a man - chaque moi un homme
June - juillet 2024: KJ Apa (Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa)


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mercoledì 30 gennaio 2019

Pit stop: male scent - parfum masculin

another way to enjoy male body and his essence! 

une autre façon de profiter du corps masculin 
et de son essence!

Erotic text found on tumblr

Each alpha male has a distinct scent. A musky, unique taste. No two alphas smell the same. Bask in his masculine fragrance. Savor ever drop of his sweat.
Whether he’s fresh from the shower or he just got back from the gym, dripping wet– or even if he’s gone several days without showering (a fag’s favorite), you must be ready to press your nose deep into his armpit, inhale his odor and lap up his sweat. 
Don’t be afraid to rub your entire face into his wet armpit first. Cover every inch of your face in his stink. Truly embrace the aroma. The scent of a dominant alpha male. Something you as a slave will never smell like. Let it make your body quiver like a drug as you learn the smell and taste.
It’s key that your tongue explore ever inch of his pit. Work from the torso up to the biceps, then back down again. Kiss his armpit and get his sweat all over your lips. Suck his pit hairs until they are completely dry. 
Then move on to the next pit, pig.

lunedì 28 gennaio 2019

virile tenderness - tendresse virile

tenderness between men 
to begin well a new week 

tendresse entre les hommes 
pour bien commencer la nouvelle semaine

happy new week 
my beloved blog family

 la nouvelle semaine
ma famille de blog

venerdì 25 gennaio 2019

Happy Birthday Christian Hogue

happy birthday

Joyeux anniversaire

Christian Hogue
January 25, 1992 - Medford, OREGON


I love his gulls tattooed on his side 

J'aime bien les mouettes tatoués sur son côté