Every month a man - chaque moi un homme

Every month a man - chaque moi un homme
June - juillet 2024: KJ Apa (Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa)


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sabato 28 giugno 2014

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 5

my Musketeers are crossing their swords
to say goodbye to the ending month of June
Musketeers - Mousquetaires 1
mes mousquetaires se croisent leurs épées
pour dire au revoir au mois de Juin, qui se termine. 
Musketeers - Mousquetaires 2
Musketeers - Mousquetaires 3

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 4

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 5

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 6

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 7

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 8

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 9

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 10

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 11

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 12

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 13

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 14

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 15

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 16

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 17

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 18
Musketeers - Mousquetaires 19


giovedì 26 giugno 2014

World Un-Cupped by Andrew Christian


Fantastic video on football World Cup
from Andrew Christian
MUSIC: Grind On" By Mista (Latex)

Since people love the World Cup so much we thought that our fans would love the World Un-Cupped even more. If sporting teams actually took off their cups and put on our new Andrew Christian C-Ring brief (the one with the hole where the pouch should be) sports would be a whole lot more interesting!

the best here in my opinion is
Topher Di Maggio

Topher is a hot model turned adult actor who is of Italian and Irish decent (hot mix)! Topher was born on December 27, 1985 in Houston, Texas. After graduating High School Topher was approached by an agent who was interested in representing him. It wasn’t long before he was doing modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch. Topher’s abs were featured on the store’s shopping bag for 3 seasons. He also modeled for Maserati, Nordstrom and Andrew Christian Underwear (below).


lunedì 23 giugno 2014

Nikola Jovanovic: graphic art & two videos

Nikola Jovanovic
sketched by Maurice Pegasi

Nikola Jovanovic
dessiné par Maurice Pegasi

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 1

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 2

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 3

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 4

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 5

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 6

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 7

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 8
below imagined in a porn way
Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 9

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 10

Nikola Jovanovic & Maurice Pegasi 1
and here in two videos

Milan in 2012, my city


sabato 21 giugno 2014

Nikola Jovanovic: Joyeux anniversaire Happy Birthday Срећан рођендан, Никола

Happy Birthday Nikola!!!
Nikola Jovanovic
Belgrade - Република Србија, Republika Srbija
21 June 1989
Nikola Jovanovic 1
Joyeux anniversaire Nikola!!!

Nikola Jovanovic 2
Срећан рођендан, Никола

a nice video!!!

 Nikola Jovanovic 3 

Nikola Jovanovic 4
Nikola Jovanovic 5

Nikola Jovanovic 6

Nikola Jovanovic 7

Nikola Jovanovic 8

Nikola Jovanovic 9
 Nikola Jovanovic 10
Nikola Jovanovic 11

Nikola Jovanovic 12

Nikola Jovanovic 13
Nikola Jovanovic 13
Nikola Jovanovic 14

Nikola Jovanovic 15
 Nikola Jovanovic 16

Nikola Jovanovic 17
Nikola Jovanovic 18

Nikola Jovanovic 19

Nikola Jovanovic 20

Nikola Jovanovic 21

Nikola Jovanovic 22

Nikola Jovanovic 23

Nikola Jovanovic 24

Nikola Jovanovic 25
Nikola Jovanovic 26
so kissable lips

Nikola Jovanovic 27
Nikola Jovanovic 28

Nikola Jovanovic 29