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Every month a man - chaque moi un homme
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sabato 31 maggio 2014

venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Musketeers - Mousquetaires 4

My musketeers say One for all
Mes mousquetaires disent Un pour Tous

musketeers - mousquetaires 1

and All for One
et tous pour Un
musketeers - mousquetaires 2
musketeers - mousquetaires 3
musketeers - mousquetaires 4
musketeers - mousquetaires 5
 musketeers - mousquetaires 6
musketeers - mousquetaires 7
musketeers - mousquetaires 8
musketeers - mousquetaires 9
musketeers - mousquetaires 10
musketeers - mousquetaires 11
musketeers - mousquetaires 12
 musketeers - mousquetaires 13
musketeers - mousquetaires 14

mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

Chains - chaînes

Chains chaînes 1
Chains chaînes 2
Chains chaînes 3
Chains chaînes 4
Chains chaînes 5
Chains chaînes 6
Chains chaînes 7
Chains chaînes 8

domenica 25 maggio 2014

sabato 24 maggio 2014

Happy Birthday Paul Donahoe

Happy Birthday

Paul Donahoe
 American Wrestler A.K.A. Nash, Porn Model at FRATMEN
Born 24 May 1985 
in Warren, Michigan, USA

He was a wrestling team member at the University of Nebraska
However, he finished his college career at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania 
after a scandal that resulted in his expulsion from the Nebraska team 
for his having masturbated and posed nude as Nash
for pay on a predominately gay website "FRATMEN"

here all the story

Here Paul Donahoe of Edinboro in NCAA press conference
after winning semifinals at 125 pounds at the 2009 NCAA Championships in St. Louis, Mo.

in this post you'll find the whole wanking video
made for Fratmen

Paul Donahoe 1

Paul Donahoe 2

Paul Donahoe 3

Paul Donahoe 4

Paul Donahoe 5

Paul Donahoe 6

Paul Donahoe 7

Paul Donahoe 8

Paul Donahoe 9

Paul Donahoe 10

Paul Donahoe 11

Paul Donahoe 12

Paul Donahoe 13

Paul Donahoe 14

Paul Donahoe 15

Paul Donahoe 16

Paul Donahoe 17

Paul Donahoe 18

Paul Donahoe 19

Paul Donahoe 20

Paul Donahoe 21

Paul Donahoe 22

Paul Donahoe 23

Paul Donahoe 24

Paul Donahoe 25

Paul Donahoe 26