Every month a man - chaque moi un homme - ogni mese un anno

Every month a man - chaque moi un homme - ogni mese un anno
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mercoledì 26 giugno 2019

oral sex: suggestions!

some interesting suggestions 
for a well done blowjob

des suggestions intéressantes 
pour une pipe bien faite

10 commenti:

  1. Deux sur ma queue, belle sensation mais pas mal non plus d'en sucer une en partageant avec une autre bouche gourmande !

  2. To fuck, to suck = two verbs ending by "uck" with two different initials, "F" and "S", wich are those of Fabulous Sensations.
    Hugs and bisous, my friend.

  3. Sexy tips for a cock sucker So true about a man being on his knees. It's just not the same if the guy is standing bent over. or any other postion. something about the way he looks up at you when he's pleasuring you or the way the Top holds his head and pushes deeper down his throat. However I don't totally agree that the bottom in the inequality of the bottom. Yes I like my boi on his knees and yes there is a dominance that the top holds and a submission the bottom holds. But one being superior to the other and one being queer while the top remains "straight" is so wrong. I've given and received sometimes with the same person. So even though the is a power exchange anyway you look at it the activity is queer. Also despite what porn tells us As a top the bottom usually knows when you are close. The heavy breathing the way you pump usually the top will say "I'm close." It should never be assumed that the bottom doesn't have a choice on taking a load. There are non-verbal cues that will let you know, even when he cant express them verbally. (Who talks with their mouth full? lol) Everyone is different. But is much funner with a guy that you can totally jizz up.

  4. Love a good blowjob. Nothing compares to it. Nothing.

  5. Une queue pour deux bouches, cela doit être plaisant.

  6. Sucer un homme est un art.... moi je le conçois comme tel !
    Il faut donner de sa personne pour recevoir sa récompense....
    Et mieux le travail est fait plus la dose est importante
    Alors messieurs à l’œuvre..... Bises à vous tous


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