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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
February - fevrier - febbraio 2018: Andrew Patrick Rasmus - Dawson


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sabato 15 agosto 2015

Foot Worship - a Feetish post!

I know this post will send more than someone in Paradise!

 because it's fucking hot! 

Je sais que ce poste va envoyer plus de quelqu'un au paradis!
car il est très sexy!

 Also Elijah & Milo Peters Twins love feet
Le jumeaux Elijah & Milo Peters aiment les pieds

we know that feet are phallic symbols
nous savons que les pieds sont des symboles phalliques
a feetlicious 69

and below some videos
et ci-dessous quelques vidéos

Foot Worship - CodySlave Licks and Massages Size 15
Star Male Feet
Martin Kruger Feet
Feet in and ourt of boot
Feet & FlipFlop
never seen such perfect feet, like in the last pic!
jamais vu de telles pieds parfaits, comme dans la derniere image!

18 commenti:

  1. Normally I think of other things as being foot long... Great post as always, Xersex.

  2. un peu facile sans doute, mais il y a là de quoi prendre son pied effectivement!

  3. WOW! You outdid yourself my friend! Wonderfully HOT post!

    XO FFB

  4. me encantan los pies y veo que has puesto algunas fotos de mi blogs gracias

  5. This is probably my favorite post that you have ever made, Xersex! Wonder why? LOL! The photos were awesome and the video with Master Jax and those flip flop comparisons at the end was sooooooo hot! I am running behind on my work today because I have had to check out all of the clips! Didn't want to miss anything hot!!

    Gabriel (aka: Your foot loving friend at

  6. Les pieds ne sont pas ma tasse de thé, mais je respecte qu'on puisse ne pas y être indifférent, et puis certaines photos comme la première conviennent à tous goûts.

    I'm not a big fan of the feet, but I respect that we can not be indifferent to them, and anyway some photos as the first one suit to any tastes.

    Have a wondrous, weekend, my friend.

  7. Like French Patrick, this Patrick has never been into feet in a big way. But to each his own! Some great images here. Hugs et Bisous, Patrick

  8. Voilà un article pour prendre son pied :)

    #6 pour prendre son pied tout seul

    Bonne semaine - bisous.

  9. salut, je reviens
    hello, i'm back

    de bien beaux pieds et bien excitantes photos
    such a good beautiful feet and well exciting pictures

    envoi d'aujourd'hui - today post

  10. Feetliscious post! 6 is a great image...8 a great 69! Happy tuesGAY!

  11. So many lovely men with beautiful feet. Excellent post.

  12. muchas gracias por publicar fotos de mis blogs y gracias por tus comentarios

  13. You've put your best feet forward with this post!


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