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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
January - janvier - gennaio 2019: Christian Hogue


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venerdì 10 novembre 2017

Two brothers - deux frères

I found an illustrated story with my beloved porn actor Alex Mecum (here he's the driver). The story tells the imaginary experience of sex among two brothers. I say: imaginary, because it's only a story (even if it's a possible story) and Alex Mecum is making sex with another porn actor, with not his brother. This time no french version, because I found this story in English, but I have no time to translate it in French, and automatic translators are not so faithful and idiomatic. I had had to review a too long text, but I hope also my French friends will able to enjoy as well.
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J'ai trouvé une histoire illustrée avec mon bien-aimé acteur porno Alex Mecum (ici il est le conducteur). L'histoire raconte l'expérience imaginaire du sexe entre deux frères. Je dis: imaginaire, parce que ce n'est qu'une histoire (même si c'est une histoire possible) et parce que Alex Mecum fait du sexe avec un autre acteur porno, pas avec son frère. Cette fois-ci, pas de version française, parce que j'ai trouvé cette histoire en anglais, mais je n'ai pas le temps de la traduire en français, et les traducteurs automatiques ne sont pas si fidèles et idiomatiques. J'aurais dû revoir un trop long texte, mais j'espère que mes amis français pourront aussi en profiter.
so, I'm leaving you for this week end with the marvellous amazing Alex Mecum and his brother on their journey to discovering themself. 
Risultati immagini per "alex mecum"
alors, je vous quitte pour cette fin de semaine avec le merveilleux Alex Mecum et son "frère" dans leur voyage à la découverte de soi. 

Immagine correlata

After four hours on the road and another three to go, I’d resigned myself to the understanding that my brother Derek and I weren’t going to take out any time to fuck. Or at least just suck each other off. I knew it was unnatural, but whenever I was around him I would get so hard. I dated a lot of guys, but there was something powerful between Derek and I. But he was dating Adrienne now and he’s cut me off, which was frustrating. The silence was deafening s we drove to my parents to see our grandparents off before they moved up North.
“Don’t you get bored?” I asked. “Driving for hours like this, I mean?”
“Yeah. Sometimes. I try to just use the time to think.”
That went nowhere fast. I was so hard and Derek wasn’t biting. We drove another twenty minutes before I looked over to his lap. He was stroking his cock.
“I guess I need it just as bad as you,” Derek said.
I leaned down without hesitation and took my brother’s cock into my mouth. God, he tasted so good. It was throbbing and I could taste a few droplets of pre-cum released from the tip of his fuck stick.
“I think we should pull over,” said Derek. “But we need to be quick. Mom’ll freak if we’re late.”
“Mmmmm-kkkkkk,” I mumbled with my brother’s cock in my mouth.
We got out of the car and I got on my knees to take my brother’s hard cock. He gasped then laughed at my enthusiasm.
“Shit… ungh… you really wanted that… fuck… didn’t you?”
My actions spoke louder than my words.
“Goddamn, Glenn… you’re so much better… ungh… then Adrienne. Oh fuck… she doesn’t know what to do with… ungh… my dick!”
I knew it. I fucking knew it. I don’t know why my brother was bouncing from woman to woman. He always complained that they were no good in bed. He had no complaints about what we were doing though. When we got together, I kept him satisfied. More than satisfied.
“Come on, turn around,” Derek said.
He got behind me and opened my ass cheeks wide. This had to be my favorite part of our lovemaking because he could drive his tongue further in me than any other guy I’ve been with. I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy my brother has been with, but he could eat an ass out like a pro!
“Stick it in deeper, big brother!”
Derek grabbed my cock and began stroking it as he drove his tongue inside me. I had to lean on the truck door just to keep my balance.
He motioned for me to turn around and face him. As soon as I did he took my cock into his mouth.
“Ssssssuck it… oh… Derek… fuck me, big brother… that feels so good!”
I fucked my brother’s mouth for a few minutes, staring down at him as his head bobbed back and forth on my member. He looked like he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. At least, that’s how I felt!
We switched places and I took Derek into my mouth again. I loved to stroke his cock as I went down on the head. I wished we had the time to fuck, but we were on such a tight schedule.
Derek started breathing heavily and I knew he was close to giving me a special gift, right down my welcoming throat!
“F-fuck… Glenn… I’m gonna cum, little brother!”
Derek sprayed his load all over my face, and I swallowed anything that made it’s way into my mouth! I could feel my brother’s thick seed rolling down my chin as I licked the head of his cock clean.
I wondered what he thought, looking down at his baby brother with his cum dripping down my face. I hoped he didn’t have a single regret about what we were doing.
I put on a little show for Derek as he stood there against his truck. I popped my cork, letting the cum shoot across my chest and abs as I panted there in front of my sexy brother.
Derek got on his knees in front of me and cleaned my cum-drenched face off.
“That was fun.”
“Yeah it was.”
“I’m not ready to drive away yet.”
When we finally got to our parents’ house, we were in a load of trouble. Our grandparents were long gone and my mother would barely say a word to either of us. I was thankful that I had an ass full of my brother’s thick cum.

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  1. C'est un très bel homme et je comprends que tu l'aimes. Qui ne l'aimerait pas d'ailleurs ?
    Bonne fin de semaine !

  2. Imaginación desbordada.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Good little story. Of course, there are plenty of real-life brothers who do these things together.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Alex Mecum est superbe, très viril, perso j'adore également.

  5. Lots of love from me, Xersex! :)

    Visiting once again, hehe


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