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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
July - juillet - luglio 2018: Marcos & Márcio Patriota


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domenica 24 aprile 2016

Waste or taste?

Do you
I could never miss

10 commenti:

  1. It all depends. Sometimes there's a strong desire to taste it and feel it shooting the roof of mouth. Sometimes I want to feel the wamness of his jizz all over my face. I don t ever think of it as a waste if I enjoy the splatter.


  2. I read Mark's reply and that is so true. It is never a waste if you enjoy where it ends up. But I totally understand that tasting it is the ultimate.

  3. guys, all of you know my answer! for me miss a single spermatozoo would be a delict!

  4. I agree with Mark.... but mostly I prefer to taste every single delicious drop!

  5. I let you taste it and so I take the waste that you can lick.

  6. I agree that it's never wasted, wherever it goes. But if we're letting down our hair and baring all, I have to admit that I generally prefer to let him do me--before I boff the living shit out of him!!! : )

  7. I'l taste, for sure! Happy MonGAY and thanks for commenting on my blog, my friend!

  8. Well, now...we aim to please. Whatever the guy wishes to do in the moment. Some love to grab their cock in hand and stroke it to a finish - I'll accommodate whatever they prefer. Though I did have one fuck-bud whose cum was so delicious I never wanted him to allow a single drop to go anywhere but my mouth.

  9. Taste of course mon Ami ! Bien sûr , tu connais mes goûts, et deux fois plutôt qu'une même !!!
    Tu sais bien je suis un grand gourmand ! j'en ai jamais assez !!! Mais je crois comprendre que toi aussi.... Bisous mon bel ami


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