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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
July - juillet - luglio 2018: Marcos & Márcio Patriota


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giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Andrew Christian: KISS

if you loved my enriched kisses, I hope you'll love as well
this passionate kissing video
of Andrew Christian featuring also Topher Di Maggio
si vous avez aimé mes bisous enrichis, j'espère
que vous allez adorer
cette vidéo pleine des bises passionnés
de Andrew Christian avec Topher Di Maggio

Topher Di Maggio:
what pleasure!
quel plaisir!

Kisses are so romantic, erotic and tasteful!

les bisous sont si romantique, érotique et savoureux!
not only of creamy cum lives Xerxes
non seulement de jus cremeux masculin vit Xerxès

but also of kisses and of your comments!

mais aussi des bisous et de vos commentaires!



22 commenti:

  1. FANTASTIQUE! Merci mon ami! I've always loved hot, sensual kissing! great post! Hot video! Bisous, Patrick

  2. Andrew Christian, Topher.... always a plaisir. Just like Xersex!

  3. Very erotic and sensual set of images. Because I'm such an ass man, 11 is my favorite. very sensual.


    The Male Casting Couch

  4. Interestingly, my comment is not displayed . We gays want equal rights, however, there is still prejudice among us. Right? I know you are reading this. And I will not stop protesting. If you have conscience , leave my review posted .
    No blacks, no latins, no asians.
    Hooray hooray!!! By contempt for these people. Sad.

    1. Mr Anonymous!
      I removed your comment, because I saw that you're spreading the same comment on many (too many !!!) blogs !!! I find this action very irritating and annoying. I'm leaving your comment only to tell you my disdain. I do not justify my choices for the images of men I put on my blog. Remember: your next comment will be deleted.

    2. Bravo, Steve, tu as très bien réagi.
      Non seulement "anonimo" est stupide, mais il y a des noirs sur ton blogs, y compris sur ce post (photo N°12)
      Je me demande s'il fait de même quand il s'agit d'un des innombrables blogs où il n'y a que des blacks.
      Quand on est soi-même un raciste anti-blancs on n'a le droit d'accuser les autre d’être racistes.

      Bravo, Steve, you very well reacted.
      Not only "anonymous " is stupid, but there are blacks on your blogs including on this comment (photo N°12)
      I wonder if he does the same when it comes to one of the uncountable blogs where there is only blacks.
      When we are oneself a racist anti-whites we have no right to accuse other one of being racist.

      Bisous, my dear friend.

    3. There are many beautiful men of various ethnic backgrounds. Yes it would be nice to see more diversity in the gay blogs, but when I visit any given blog, I go to enjoy the beauty and sexiness of each image no matter what the ethnicity is. I have come to the realization that the media will always put fairer skin on a pedestal while showcasing VERY few men and women of color. I also know as a photographer how difficult it is to get men of color to pose, depending on the demographics. The beauty about the internet is if you aren't happy with how a blog is ran you can easily start your own blog. Just like Xersex mentioned, he doesn't have to justify his choices of men he chooses to have on his blog. I think if you wanted to create a forum on the issue of the lack of Men of Color, that would be very productive. If you had a blog and posted that topic, I would love to jump in on that conversation. But to go through other people's blogs telling them they are in contempt against these people is not a healthy way of going about the situation.


      The Male Casting Couch

    4. the anonymous sowed the same comment on every blog gay! This act made me very annoyed, because I find it stupid and idiot. I just hope he doesn't write more, because his comment will be deleted!

    5. Sad to see that you don't understand. I do not accuse your blog or you of racism . I write in some blogs only to remember that there is still racism. That's all. Well, at least, your readers talked a bit about this.

    6. I hope you, anonymous, you will be deeply and completely satisfied and happy and fully sated. Everyone knows that there's still racism, but your comments are quite disturbing as well. This comment of you is the last one that I let exist off topic on my blog. if you want to spread the same comment on every post of the universe, you can feel free to do so, but in my blog I will delete such posts. Now you are warned! Basta! Stop! arrêt!

  5. je te fais de gros bisous avec un peu de crème sur les lèvres et la langue pour que tu me les lèches goulûment :)

  6. Tant qu'à faire des baisers acrobatiques, je préfère celui du N°6 de cette fois-ci qui résulte d'un élan d'enthousiasme à celui du dernier du précédent post sur le même sujet qui cherchait à accomplir un exploit.
    En lisant le message courageusement anonyme ci-dessus ,j'ai d'abord pensé qu'il était raciste à cause de ses "hourra". En fait, je pense que c'était ironique et qu'il t'accuse de l'être parce qu'il ajoute "triste". Je suis sûr qu'il se trompe. D'ailleurs il n'y a qu'une seule race d'homme, la preuve en est qu'un blanc peut se reproduire avec un noir, et leur différence de peau ne signifie pas davantage que d'être blond ou roux.

    As long as to make acrobatic kisses, I prefer that of N°6 of this time which results from a burst of enthusiasm in that of the last one of the previous post on the same subject which tried to carry out an exploit.
    By reading the message bravely anonymous above, I thought at first that he was a racist because of his"hooray". In fact, I think that it was ironic and that he accuses you of the being because he adds "sad". I am sure that he is wrong. Moreover there is only a single human race, this is evidenced by that a white can reproduce with a black, and their skin difference does not mean more than to have blond or red hairs.

    One bisou for you per photo, my dear friend.

  7. So sexy! So sensual! So beautiful! I was a fan of this post with that first photo. WOW!

  8. Your kisses posts make more than happy! I love kissing pics! Have a nice FriGAY full of kisses, my friend!

  9. Kisses Of Fire, burning, burning
    I'm at the point of no returning
    Kisses Of Fire, sweet devotions
    Caught in a land-slide of emotions

    Baisers De Feu, brulant, brulant
    Je suis sur le point de non retour
    Baisers De Feu, doux dévouements
    Pris dans une descente d'émotions

    mon dernier article ici
    my last article here

  10. che ha riempito più belle immagini di amore e di tenerezza

  11. I can admit that sometimes there is too much tongue going on. I much prefer the feel of soft, moist lips...rather than feeling like the person is attempting to eat the flesh right off of my face.

  12. Bisous sur la joue
    Bisous dans le cou
    Simplement c'est tout😽
    C'est matou....

  13. a kiss is the best when the lips are moist with new Cum.

  14. Ammetto di avere un problema psicologico...forse un trauma infantile. Mi piace molto vedere due uomini che si io non amo baciare o farmi baciare. Ho un rifiuto totale. Preferisco gli abbracci, o comunque baciare il cazzo, la cappella, i coglioni, ecc. Ma il tuo post è bellissimo!

  15. J'aime cette article...tres romantique et érotique! Bisous, mon ami!

  16. I love kissing a man! I agree completely with Gabriel here.... and with Queer Heaven, though I take the lips dry as well. Surely they get moist later on.... ;X


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