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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
May - mai - maggio 2018: Eliad Cohen


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domenica 6 luglio 2014

Happy Birthday Mike Roberts!

Mike Roberts

born on July 6, 1983 Chula Vista, California, USA

I know very well that smoking is not good
I also know that - as Cody Cummings does, he shot and/or shoots only scenes as gay for pay. However, what body! which eyes, what look, what virility, what sex appeal!
He may not like it all people, but he makes me mad!
Mike Roberts 2
 Je sais très bien que fumer n'est pas bon
Je sais aussi que - comme Cody Cummings fait - il a tiré et / ou tire seulement des scènes en tant que gay pour pay. Toutefois, quel corps! quels les yeux, quel regard, quelle virilité, quel sex-appeal!
il ne peut pas être aimé par tout le monde, mais moi il me rend fou! 
Mike Roberts 3
Mike Roberts 4
Mike Roberts 5
Mike Roberts 6
 Mike Roberts 7
Mike Roberts 8
Mike Roberts 9
Mike Roberts 10
Mike Roberts 11
Mike Roberts 12
Mike Roberts 13
Mike Roberts 14
Mike Roberts 15
Mike Roberts 16
Mike Roberts 17 wanking
 Mike Roberts 18 wanking
Mike Roberts 19 wanking
Mike Roberts 20 wanking
Mike Roberts 21 wanking
Mike Roberts 22 wanking
 Mike Roberts 23 wanking
Mike Roberts 24 wanking
Mike Roberts 25 wanking
Mike Roberts 26 wanking
Mike Roberts 27 wanking
Mike Roberts 28 wanking
Mike Roberts 29 wanking
Mike Roberts 30 wanking
Mike Roberts 31
to delight barefeet lovers
Mike Roberts 32
to delight barefeet lovers

10 commenti:

  1. Merci mon Cher Xersex pour cet embellissement dominical

    J'irais souffler sur sa bougie ...

    Bon dimanche beau mâle


  2. bel acteur et modele porno
    beautiful porn actor and model

    né pour le porno
    born for porn

  3. Un autre tres beau mec! Merci mon chere ami, avec l'amore et les bisous, Patrick

  4. j'ai ajouté de nouvelles photos a un ancien article
    des photos de la queue d'un modele

    i add new photos to an old article
    cock pictures of a model

    ici here

  5. Delicious hunk Mike Roberts is, sad to say for us gay men, a straight man who just happens to make gay porn movies. He's appeared on websites like Jake Cruise and Randy Blue and first got into movies with the Body Shoppe outfit under the name of Angel, where he mainly got sucked or did jerk-off scenes. More recently he moved into big-name films with the likes of Falcon and Hot House but he usually tops. He stands about 5ft 11ins tall, has one of the finest smooth bodies in the business and an 8-inch uncut cock. He also has blue eyes and brown hair. He's not to be confused with another star called Mike Roberts.

  6. LOVE him! And his birthday is just nine days before mine!


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