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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
May - mai - maggio 2018: Eliad Cohen


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lunedì 13 marzo 2017

cumtastic & cumtasty

It's a long time from my last cumtastic post. 
Here it is a post with an analysis 
about tasting of Elixir d'amore!

Il y a longtemps depuis mon dernier post spermatique. 
Voici un post avec une analyse de dégustation d'Elixir d'amore!

Semen, jizz, spunk, cum 
A cocksucker’s guide to taste

Whether to take cum in your mouth divides gay men into several definable groups:
  • those who love not only the taste but the sensation of the ejaculation-  those who detest the taste and don’t want to receive anything squirted in to their mouth
  • those who enjoy oral sex as a preliminary to anal sex but without ejaculation in the mouth until the final climax or not all
  • those who enjoy oral sex to climax with no anal
  • those who are worried about the transmission possibilities of HIV especially if they don’t know the status of their partner and the transmission of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) (both very low risk but possible)
Oral sex between men is the beginning and heart of most sexual encounters - though not necessarily where the fun will end. It’s the ejaculate and its taste that is often the moment when otherwise very sexual men hesitate and think ‘why do I do this? – it tastes terrible, I get no satisfaction or excitement from it and I feel really slutty having taken it.’

No sexual interest after ejaculating

Some men who shoot their load before their partner can immediately lose all interest in oral sex following their own orgasm. I suspect that in the heat of the moment, especially if you are under the influence of poppers or other stimulants, that sexually anything goes. But when your load has gone and the cold winds of reality rush in, then a hot dump of sticky white fluid in the mouth or on the face can quickly fall off the desirability agenda. For these men, their own ejaculation is a distinct demarcation line between hot sex and cold reality. However the good news is that most will still tolerate a load dumped on them somewhere other than the mouth or face. As ejaculated cum can go cold quickly on the body there is generally a move towards the waiting towel to remove it as quickly as possible.

Bitter taste

It’s the taste that is objectionable to many men (and also to the wives at home). And gagging on the taste doesn’t go well for more sex to follow. By tasting the pre-cum you can sometimes get an idea of the sweetness or the tartness that could follow – but you have little control over what will be dumped in or on you and what that taste will be like.
So how can you ensure that at least your own cum will be sweet and tasteful for your partner? It’s all about the foods that you put in your mouth in the 48 hours before you ejaculate. Better still, it’s what your regular diet consists of.

Food influences

By eating sweet fruits rich in sugar like pineapple, bananas, grapes, peaches and apples you can produce a sweeter tasting cum, whereas red meat, onions, alcohol, and coffee can make it bitter. Vegetarian’s cum is generally sweet, though avoid greens like cabbage and broccoli (even though the latter is good for the prostate) but do enjoy celery, parsley and lettuce. Some watermelon and of course, the super food of blueberries, can also be used as a staple jizz sweetener. And don’t forget lots of water to aid in a nice consistency of the ejaculate.
The sweeter your cum the better will be the accolades from your partner (male or female). Very few enjoy the bitter taste, so ensure an enthusiastic follow-up session by making your jizz the tastiest on the block. The taste of fresh, sweet, warm cum can become very addictive to the many followers of ‘taking a load’ whether it be a pure oral session or as the culmination of both oral and anal. Many a man will fuck almost to climax, whip it out, roll off the condom and immediately place his cock into his partner’s waiting mouth. Timing and placement is crucial as an eyeful of hot cum can be painful and will definitely end the session badly. 

 my way 

ma façon

I love this pic infinitely
J'adore cette photo infiniment

I wish all of you a jizztastic new week! 

Je vous souhaite à tous une nouvelle semaine bien juteuse!

9 commenti:

  1. Ummmm que delicia.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. I'll take the load in my mouth, and swallow. There was one guy who's cum was so sweet that I couldn't suck his cock often enough. But I 'd much rather have a guy shoot his load on my torso. Love the feel of hot cum splattering all over me!

  3. Hé hé, voilà un bien juteux début de semaine avec de magnifiques photos.
    Bonne semaine juteuse à toi et à tous tes visiteurs.

  4. I found the information to be quite interesting and the images very hot. I think you are probably making all of your visitors very hungry with this post. Another reason to eat healthy - sweeter cum!

  5. Very informative and sexy post! But do it only when you know your partner is STD and HIV clean

  6. En voilà un bien succulent sujet, cela donne faim tout ça. Une bonne et douce journée.

  7. Sexy AND educational. Thanks Xersex.

  8. Un sujet qui me passionne, tu le sais bien mon ami ! J'adore çà et en particulier celui de mon mari ! Maintenant que je vis en couple, je n'avale que le sien, mais j'adore recevoir le jus des autres quand nous sortons tous les deux ensemble...
    Bisous mon bel ami


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