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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
May - mai - maggio 2018: Eliad Cohen


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mercoledì 20 gennaio 2016

James Ellis

How beautiful is James Ellis!
When I decided to dedicate to him the month of January, I didn't know his birthday, in July. But however I love this man, and not only for his beauty.
Below you'll find a description of his roots, of his family, his education and his values! from this description (I copied and pasted an only English text) and from the videos I found on youtube, he demonstrates to be truly a nice guy, with a deep faith in Jesus Christ, a very good man and a very generous person. Personally I'm not interested in religion and God, even less in Christianity, but seeing this guy with his deep and serene faith, moves me so deeply and makes me think: to this guy I could entrust not only some property of mine, but also my heart. Obviously he's straight, so let me say: how much luck shall be his girlfriend or wife! 

comment beau est James Ellis!
Quand j'ai décidé de lui dédier le mois de Janvier, je ne connaissais pas son anniversaire, en Juillet. Mais cependant, je l'aime bien cet homme, et pas seulement pour sa beauté.
Ci-dessous vous trouverez une description de ses racines, de sa famille, de sa formation et ses valeurs! à partir de cette description (seul texte anglais copié et collé) et des vidéos trouvées sur youtube, il démontre d'être vraiment un gars sympa, avec une foi profonde en Jésus-Christ, un homme très bon et très généreux. Personnellement, je ne suis pas intéressé par la religion et Dieu, et encore moins dans le christianisme, mais voir ce mec avec sa foi profonde et sereine, qui me touche profondément et me fait penser: ce gars que je pourrais confier non seulement une propriété de la mine, mais aussi mon coeur. Visiblement, il est hétéro, alors laissez-moi vous dire: combien de chance aura sa fiancée ou sa femme!
James Ellis
Model & bodybuilder
born 23 July 1980, Indiana, USA
James W. Ellis III was transformed from a skinny high school nerd to 180 lbs. of rippling muscle and a body of steel. He captured one of the most esteemed awards at Indiana State University, "Mr. ISU", bodybuilding champion and then moved on to capture the Mr. Wabash bodybuilding champion. Despite the vast transformation that James underwent as a young man, he never forgot the down home roots of his childhood. 

James came from a small country town in Indiana, where many of his classmates' after school activities consisted of feeding cows and plowing cornfields. James was a school slacker, barely holding a 2.0 GPA and was often the source of much ridicule by his classmates. James was raised in a two-parent home with strong Christian beliefs, which instilled many of these same conservative values in him. James is the youngest of four siblings, with three older sisters. High school dances and "Drive your tractor to school" days taught James all about the country charm.


Upon graduation from high school, James made a decision that shocked all that knew him and enrolled in college. While many did not expect James to succeed in college, James took some motherly advice and used their doubt as fuel to succeed. It was while in college that James found his "addiction." Spending time in the weight room gave James the opportunity to release his frustrations and at the same time develop a discipline that would and continues to define him to this day. The development of such discipline is typified in one of James's favorite quotes, "Success is my only option; failure is not" from Eminem's Lose Yourself.


James graduated on the deans list with a 3.5 GPA from Indiana State with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Physical Education. However, upon graduation, James decided that the education field was not one that he wished to pursue. Instead he decided to kiss the country life goodbye and moved to San Diego, California in pursuit of a dream. Since moving to California, James has had various modeling and acting gigs. James has appeared as a spokesperson for Ford Automobiles of Puente Hills in Los Angeles and was the star body builder in a David Rich Fitness DVD. James was also on the cover and centerfold layout in the September 2007 issue of Exercise For Men Only Magazine and was featured in three different sections of the Men's Exercise December 2007 issue. He was also the on camera host for a VIP Mini-Cooper Event at Universal Studios.


The opportunities that have crossed James's path have allowed him to associate with a great many people in the modeling/acting business and all have been equally impressed by his character, drive, and discipline.

While James has been able to and will continue to succeed in many of the big cities across America, he will never forget his roots. As the popular saying goes, you can take the boy out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the boy, as James continues to enjoy trips back to the country to enjoy mom's apple pie. 

so sweet here!
si doux ici!

8 commenti:

  1. I love blond hunks! A kiss from your Gay Angel

  2. Merci de nous présenter ce si beau et sympathique jeune-homme. J'aimerai être un petit chien pour me retrouver dans ses bras.

  3. WOW! He is certainly un tres chaud mec! Hot & blond! Merci et Bisous, Patrick

  4. I started admiring his awesome chest, but then I saw the photos with the puppy. Ahhhh! That won me over! He is looking damn good for a man who is almost 36. That is hard to believe that he is close to 36 years old. Wow!

  5. He's a very handsome dude. The CK photos - - a couple of them needed a bit of "fluffing" - the pouch is too big for him to fill without a bit of a boner. But, him with the, that's a man!

  6. un superbe article, pour le plaisir des yeux...
    surtout la dernière série avec les chiots, il est trop mignon, trop attendrissant, je craque.
    Belle semaine à toi bel ami

  7. A true Greek god who has cum to Earth!

  8. James Ellis is quite the jock type. Love the photos, especially the one where he wears a dog tag. So hot!!! ^_^


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