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Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese

Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
May - mai - maggio 2018: Eliad Cohen


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giovedì 26 giugno 2014

World Un-Cupped by Andrew Christian


Fantastic video on football World Cup
from Andrew Christian
MUSIC: Grind On" By Mista (Latex)

Since people love the World Cup so much we thought that our fans would love the World Un-Cupped even more. If sporting teams actually took off their cups and put on our new Andrew Christian C-Ring brief (the one with the hole where the pouch should be) sports would be a whole lot more interesting!

the best here in my opinion is
Topher Di Maggio

Topher is a hot model turned adult actor who is of Italian and Irish decent (hot mix)! Topher was born on December 27, 1985 in Houston, Texas. After graduating High School Topher was approached by an agent who was interested in representing him. It wasn’t long before he was doing modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch. Topher’s abs were featured on the store’s shopping bag for 3 seasons. He also modeled for Maserati, Nordstrom and Andrew Christian Underwear (below).


10 commenti:

  1. Great way to celebrate "THE WORLD CUP"! Very hot guys. Baci a te, Patricio

  2. mon dieu
    quelle equipe, on voudrait qu'ils jouent avec nous
    je leur donne ton de moi

    my god
    what a team, we would want they play with us
    i give them all of me

    mon article aujourd'hui est sur un acteur porno
    (et chacun verra tout de sa queue)

    my article today is about a porn actor
    (and each of you will see all his cock)

  3. joli si la france avait de tel belatre moi avec des sous vetements sexy je suivrais la coupe du monde mais malheureusement c'est pas le cas à qquand le foot à poils?

  4. They've obviously rid themselves of cups - those cocks snaking down the sports shorts is quite well proof of that. Lovely!

  5. Bonjour mon Ami , je ne suis pas du tout football ou alors la troisiéme mi-temps sous la douche et de préférence avec le beau Black

    Belle fin de journée - bisous

  6. So do I...
    Thoper is the best man here and the best look boy in this news.
    His body, eyes, hair and smile <3

  7. I have a new appreciation for the WORLD CUP! Topher is so fine! So are the others!

  8. Beautiful video! But AC better produce swimming trunks I can wear!

  9. Thanks for reminding me of this great video, and of your other wonderful uncoverage of Andrew Christian.


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